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Report and Next Steps: UN75 and Citites We Want

Within the framework of the UN75 Friends for Leadership, an international network of next generation leaders and entrepreneurs from more than 60 countries, with Roscongress Foundation and TV BRICS co-hosted the Friends for Leadership Online Meetup “UN75 and the Cities We Want: ensuring a new decade of actions for sustainable cities and communities” with the support of the UN-Habitat and the Office of the Special Adviser on UN75. Please watch the full professionally edited video here: and read the attached below report:

Download PDF • 676KB

The 75th Anniversary of the end of WWII and the establishment of the United Nations has come with great responsibility and new challenges, which made it crucial to analyze and discuss the impacts that the COVID-19 pandemic is having on cities and communities. Despite the fact that cities provide a larger and more well-developed access to facilities, these urban centers are home to more than half of the world's population. The problems of urbanization cannot be more real, as overpopulated areas are exposed to greater risk of the virus spread. Moreover, this concentration of people also highlights the high level of inequalities that exist in urban centers, and those have a direct impact on the low-income neighborhoods. Considering these facts, it is vital not only to have stakeholders from all levels working together in fighting the outbreak of the virus in their cities and communities, but also to get back on track with their previous and future efforts to make our cities and communities sustainable and comfortable to live for all its inhabitants in any circumstances.

Participants of the discussion: Special guests: Fabrizio Hochschild - UN Under-Secretary-General and Special Adviser on UN75; Maimunah Mohd Sharif – UN Under-Secretary-General and UN-Habitat Executive Director. Speakers: Regine Guevara - SDG Village Manila (Philippines); Tamara Jakovljevic – Smart City SEE (Serbia); David Okpatuma - Friends Pro Earth (Nigeria); Lucia Dalenz - Art Shapers (Uruguay); Simona Randeva - Project Vertica (Bulgaria). Moderator: Roman Chukov – Friends for Leadership, Roscongress Foundation (Russia).

Friends for Leadership is an international network of next generation leaders and entrepreneurs, who share best practices and working solutions to bring them into effect in our local communities across a wide database of multi-stakeholder partners. In 2018 Roscongress Foundation provided an opportunity for us to meet during the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum and launch this initiative. Since then we regularly hold our offline and online events to support our members from more than 60 countries worldwide. Our members are involved in multilateral economic and humanitarian projects in various spheres from social entrepreneurship to sustainable cities towards achieving the SDGs and New Urban Agenda (currently several groups have been created: Friends of Cities, Friends of Education, Friends of Nature, Friends of Technology and several others). For more information please visit our web site: or our accounts in Facebook, YouTube, Instagram (@friendsforleadership) and Twitter (@friendsforlead)

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