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Coronavirus is not the Olympics: there will be no winners. Horizons of the post-crisis world order

Updated: Jun 14, 2020

10 points by Roman Chukov, Founding Member, Friends for Leadership

1. The Olympic games in Japan have been rescheduled, and the world has long been closely watching the other team rating. There is nothing joyful in this table of country performance. There are still many questions about the origin of the COVID-19, and the world is worried about what will happen next with regards to cooperation between countries.

2. At the social level, all nations empathized and supported each other in solidarity. The virus clearly showed how the world community has matured to peacefully coexist and is ready to live, cooperate and develop together without conflict. Public diplomacy is now more important than ever. Particular attention should be also paid to parliamentary diplomacy.

3. News about military conflicts and executions, about hate violence in certain countries during quarantine caused at least bewilderment, and in fact for the past three months they became absolutely unacceptable.

4. Humanitarian assistance from Russia (and others) to those in need is absolutely correct and important. To whom and how can we still help in post-crisis recovery? How to strengthen state humanitarian agencies to help other countries? And what about NGOs? In Russian case the efforts of the Russian humanitarian mission, Ruspromo, Roscongress and others can be named as example of additional input to fight with the COVID-19.

5. And what about the UN? We must discuss there the most relevant agenda for the new world. On June 11th, for example, the Roadmap of the UN Secretary General for Digital Cooperation was launched. Why not introduce order and "rules of the game" into the global digital space? At first to get the virtual world free from quarrels and conflicts, and then it will be adapted offline. Now, by the way, everyone can have their say and participate in the UN75 Survey here:

6. Can the world now start sharing best practices? We propose to support the work of such international communities of leaders and entrepreneurs, as Friends for Leadership, which began their activities at the venues of Roscongress events with the efforts of Ruspromo in 2018, and now conduct dialogue with the UN online on an equal footing during the COVID-19 times, not being afraid to share their solutions and vision.

7. What happens next with as the technologies develop? The best minds are puzzling on the future of quantum computing and communications. We must cooperate and act together. We welcome the launches of new spacecraft with the hope of humanity returning not to an arms race, but to a race of ideas and joint peaceful space exploration.

8. Let's pay attention to the environment. Having been locked down for several months, the world realized that it was necessary to appreciate the nature and our ability to breathe fresh and clean air. It is necessary to prevent technological disasters and provide universal state and volunteer based supervision over the potential pollutants along with developing more sustainable economy.

9. Post-truth and misinformation in recent years, unfortunately, are our loyal companions, and there have never been such a number of fake and circular reporting as in three months of this infodemia. Our society should receive correct and verified information. We all need to think carefully on how to solve this issue and take prompt and efficient measures.

10. In the new post-crisis world, new skills and competencies will be needed. The transition to online platforms should be accompanied by serious investments in education, universal provision of devices and Internet access, so that even in times of pandemic children and youth can study. And we need to thank doctors and create decent working conditions for them. In general, we should constantly have in mind those who do not belong to the business sphere, and not only when we need them during the difficult times.

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